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Master Guidelines

The Master Guidelines and Procedures are Exhibit B to the Covenants and are the criteria by which the ARC ensures compliance by all homeowners. The ARC uses the Master Guidelines to help assure an attractive, compatible, and aesthetically pleasing community. The Guidelines address residential development in such a way so as to maximize compatibility of construction and landscaping with the natural beauty and topography of the land at Talamore and assure that exterior features and materials are natural. It identifies preferred foundations and discusses ground topography and landscaping requirements.

The documents linked from this page are unofficial copies of documents downloaded from the Moore County web site at http://rod.moorecountync.gov/. Official copies may be obtained from the Moore County Government.
Word documents were converted from .tiff documents to searchable documents and may contain inaccuracies. The word documents are provided only for the convenience of searching for sprcific information.

Talamore Master Guidelines
Master Guidelines (Covenants) Index
Mailbox Specifications
Updated July 1, 2009
Construction Application Fee
Updated April 16, 2010
Modification, filed February 13, 2010   PDF  
Master Guidelines (Searchable)   PDF
Modification, filed February 13, 2010
Master Guidelines PDF
Master Guidelines  
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