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Your Board of Directors (BOD) would like to update all property owners on some VERY important actions and activities conducted on behalf of the Talamore Westside Homeowners Association (TWHOA).


The Board of Directors of the Talamore Westside Homeowners Association (TWHOA) along with the Glen Moor Owners Committee ('GMOC') has made a decision to move from the current management contract with Talamore Partners, Inc. ('TPI') to a professional homeowners' association management company; namely, Community Association Management (CAM) of Charlotte, NC.

The decision has been under discussion for several months now, with time and effort expended by each of the five members of the TWHOA's Board of Directors and Jim Stafford of GMOC. The primary reason for changing to a professional homeowners' association management company was the annual cost savings under CAM vs. TPI's management contract. TWHOA and GMOC will save an estimated $9,800 to $11,000 over the next six years under the new management association contracts and related issues which, to date, have not been available to our association.

In addition, over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to find homeowners of Talamore willing to serve in various leadership roles. The professional services of CAM will provide strong assistance to future Board members and the homeowners, and will serve to ensure that the management and financial accounting for TWHOA remain secure.

We sincerely appreciate the time and attention that Bob Levy, John McDougald and Betsy McDougald have provided to TWHOA and Glen Moor Owners Committee since their inception. The decision to leave TPI was based upon receiving expert services at a significantly lower cost which TPI was unable to counter.

The new management contract with CAM begins on January 1, 2011. TWHOA 2011 annual dues and GMOC quarterly dues will be collected by CAM. Homeowners will be sent additional information regarding payment of dues and assessments along with other information in December.


The BOD has voted to keep the annual assessment dues for 2011 at $350 per lot.


Board member Candy Abbott reports that she has spoken with the Town of Southern Pines about the hole at the exit onto Midland Road, and they have passed the information along to NCDOT. NCDOT has advised that the hole will be addressed the next time they are fixing problems in the area. We have no date, but the problem has been addressed.


You will note that a new tab, "Local Businesses", has been added to the menu on the left hand side of the Home Page. WELCOME to Chuck Barnes as the first advertiser on our website. Chuck and his wife, Beverly, reside at 35 Highland View Drive. Chuck is owner and operator of Renaissance Tile & Stone in Aberdeen, and we invite you to take a look at his ad on this website. We invite other business owners to inquire about ads to be placed on the website. Please contact: Clare Leach at cleach@nc.rr.com or at 692-3448.


  • The ARC would like to remind all homeowners that it is necessary to first notify the ARC before commencing any new exterior construction to your home. This includes changing the color of house paint, additions or changes to the residence including major landscaping, removal of trees, and change in driveway pavement material. This also includes any plans for handicapped installations such as railings and/or ramps. We encourage homeowners to refer to the amended Master Guidelines and Procedures that can be accessed on the website.
  • If your mailbox is in need of repainting, it should be with flat black paint, along with replacement of the llama and house number decals. Please straighten and secure the post, if necessary. Homeowners (except new construction) are responsible for purchasing new decals. They may be purchased from Sandhills Signs on Rt. 5 in Aberdeen. Their office is on Fields Drive, about 750 yards from The Pit golf course. The cost for two llamas and two sets of house numbers is $10.68, including tax. The llama should be placed at the rear on each side of the mailbox and the house number in the middle, directly above the post. You may call ahead (910-944-6004) to order your decals. Should your mailbox and/or post need replacing, it will be the responsibility of the homeowner to purchase these items. Please contact a member of the ARC to discuss the requirements should you wish to replace your existing mailbox. If you would prefer that a member of the ARC assist with the repainting of your mailbox and the replacement of the llama and house number decals, please return this memo to the attention of TALAMORE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE, 34 Talamore Drive, Southern Pines NC 28387. There will be a $25.00 fee for this service. A check should be made payable to Talamore Westside HOA.
  • If your driveway needs to be refreshed, please remember that only blue stone gravel is permitted for loose stone driveways. Asphalt may be resealed at any time. Concrete driveways may be restained as long as the color is charcoal. None of these require prior ARC approval. However, if you are looking to replace your current driveway with another medium, please remember to contact the ARC prior to any installation.

Representatives from Dixie Pipeline Company presented information to homeowners on pipeline operations at an August 25, 2010 meeting. Topics included depth of cover over the pipeline, how to respond if a vapor cloud is observed in the pipeline right-of-way, steel thickness of the pipe and desire to work cooperatively with homeowners. Should anyone observe work occurring within the pipeline right-of-way, with no "blue uniformed" Dixie Pipeline personnel in the vicinity, they requested a phone call to the number shown in the flyers delivered to our home and also shown on the pipeline marker.

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